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My name is Michaela and i'm the happiest in the summer time, breathing in the fresh air, laying in the soft green grass. My name is Michaela and you will never find a girl who loves Spongebob more than i. <3

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The years between eighteen and twenty-eight are the hardest, psychologically. It’s then you realize this is make or break, you no longer have the excuse of youth, and it is time to become an adult – but you are not ready.

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Kiss me in the bath and in the shower and in the cinema and in the car and in your parents house and my parents house and under the duvet when you’re half asleep. Kiss me until your lips hurt and then kiss me some more because you make me feel vulnerable and beautiful at the same time.

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It’s amazing how words can do that, just shred your insides apart.

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I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.






26 Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them

This needs more notes.

no one seems to care if they are guys 

reminder that rape and sexual abuse happens to everyone, not just girls

I think the disturbing part is how very similar the threats are.

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"Losing your Virginity" will henceforth be called "your sexual debut."

Because you’re not fucking losing anything.

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come with me

and you’ll be

in a world

of image

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